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On the Upcoming Album:

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

"...riffs and rhythms, layered harmonies, earthen vibes and textures.. good rich bass tones."

2020 was a year that had surprises in store for us all. It was a year of many challenges.

I think by the end of it, I had stored quite a bit of creative energy and one day in late December, made the decision to sit down, pick up an instrument or two and just see what bubbled up. It’s a bit weird to say but, once I started, I felt like I was on some kind of wave and just wanted to continue. I’m sure there are scores of creators out there who felt the same.

The songs that will be recorded for the new album, are just those songs. I was both surprised and relieved to have found myself in a bit of a creative flow as I’d previously doubted I had that potential in me.

I’ve so enjoyed interpreting other artists’ music and my Influences go back a long way, from the jazz and swing era of the forties, through to the blues/rock and folk artists of later years.

I’m finding it a little challenging to describe the new music..

"I’ve been very drawn towards riffs and rhythms, layered harmonies, earthen vibes and textures.. good rich bass tones. Middle Eastern scales and even the occasional dissonant note or chord have always appealed to me.."

Usually for me, when writing, the music comes first. I’ve found myself ‘filling the music in’ by writing about such things as nature, forgiveness, dreaming, and of course, love.. even a song or two with more ethereal themes…

Lyrically, I find inspiration in everything from a book title to something I may have overheard in a service station. I heard a quote from a sixteenth century nursery rhyme on tv once and immediately wrote it down. I thought ‘there’s got to be a song in that!.’

I am approaching studio time with my original songs, as an artist would with a armful of sketches. The colour will come onto the musical artwork as each day presents itself. Ideas will emerge collaboratively. I am not a contrived thinker. I do get excited when I stop to muse over all the factors that draw two minds (my producer and mine) together, on any given day, to create a piece in a certain way. Life’s events, and even the weather, can influence what makes for the studio vibe on the day. It’s all part of that energy flow and you never know what you’ll end up with until it’s done - I just love that.

I can’t wait to hear the instruments bring the songs to life via the hands of our fine local musicians.

I’m so looking forward to the new arrival.

Lynda M x

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