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"The Springbird"  (2015)

Let the 'Springbird' take you on an emotional journey through a stunning compilation of songs covered by Lynda Manwaring.

Lynda describes the recording and release of this album as a cathartic experience for her as each song chosen she feels a personal connection with.

This album goes to music being a celebration of life.

Visit Lyndas Blog for a beautiful album reflection.

Enjoy the sample track below.

Full Album available for download on iTunes and Spotify.

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Patrick Coomey 

100 Mile Groove 
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There’s nothing rushed about “The Springbird” as Lynda Manwaring provides the voice of experience to songs you know and love such as  Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon, Suzanne Vega’s “Caramel”, Neil Finn’s “Message to My Girl “,“You’re Not The Girl You Think You Are” & Rickie Lee Jones “A lucky Guy “  . Manwaring doesn’t imitate she inhabits these songs and delivers them as her own with her sultry soulful vocals that provide the lyrics space to breath and make you want kick back and soak in the song. This is helped along by the rustic organic arrangements played by Kyle Manning and with Pat O’Donnell at the helm baking it all right here in Orange at Rolling Wheel Studios.

The whole album gives the listener the feeling that they’re sitting back on a couch as a bunch of friends gather in a lounge room after dinner with their instruments to play a bunch of their favourite tunes. The other highlight to the album is the title track and some musical excerpts that are original compositions by Lynda, which are a perfect fit with all the other songs on the album. These offerings are like a bud on a tree after winter which shows the promise of something that is about to blossom.  I look forward to hearing more from her own pen, until then I’m happy to have “The Springbird” making a nest on my Hi Fi.

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Upcoming Album:

Lynda Manwarings Debut Original Album set to Release 2022

“Creativity always comes via the heart, never the head. The mind just dances with the details.

At the right time, and usually for me at an  unexpected moment, the desire to compose arises .. and then comes the song.   It’s never contrived. I’m not the only one to feel this way.. but it’s definitely some kind of universal birthing process. 

Songs - many artworks in general - are like children - you never really know who or what they’ll be until they arrive. 

Whatever the creative leaning, it seems to come from somewhere else.  We cant ‘own the rights’ to inspiration. 

It’s all a bit wonderous and magical , really."

- Lynda Manwaring

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“Haunting  at times, acoustically and percussively rhythmic,  with rich and bluesy vocal tones, Lynda’s new music is as earthy and inviting as a  glowing winter fire."

Patrick O'Donnell


Rolling Wheel Music Studios

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