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In the Beginning

"The beginnings of this album were emerging in the pandemic. There were times when I watched with curiosity as life drew me away and in other directions... but as this was happening, songs and concepts were landing out of the blue... and it continued after recording began. some songs on the original album list didn't make it at all; while others seemed to spontaneously filter through; taking their place.

Pat, my Producer, and I had many conversations about all the factors and influences that play their part in creating, writing and recording. This fascinates me.

Everything, from life's daily circumstances through to how the weather may have you feeling on any given day, becomes a powerful part of the creative fabric.

It's a funny thing to say now, but he and I sometimes remarked "this album's got a mind of its own'."


Growing up in a musically driven family environment, Lynda says as a child she was often encouraged to imagine whilst closing her eyes and listening to all kinds of music. From a desire to make music that is earthy and honest - these origins remain. Lynda's album is uniquely visual at times and truly invites the imagination.

"No Fortune Teller" has been mindfully layered with textures and tones throughout. It comprises the many talents and musical integrity of local musicians and friends.

This is an album intended to nourish the soul.


"The pandemic was one strange beast", Lynda reflects. It might seem like some kind of distant dream now, but we can all remember how the world was suffering. That said, it was heartening at that time, to witness the huge surge of global creativity in response.

There was definitely a healing, natural wave of sorts, ascending in those times.

It came from all directions, in all its forms, to help lift us.

People inspire each other through hard times. In a way, via the arts, we discovered we could become our own antidote to a lot of the chaos - I hope we continue to find our own ways to do/be just that"

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