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A Musical Journey

Lynda Manwaring is a Sydney born singer/songwriter who moved to Orange NSW with her husband to raise a family away from the hustle of the city.  Whilst always nurturing her love of music, she began her singing career later than most, singing covers in a local wine bar in Orange and progressing, in more recent years, to performing shows where she sang her own versions of various classic albums by strong female artists such as Alanis Morissette, Nora Jones, Cheryl Crow and, just to mix it up, an impressive and unique tribute to Tom Waits; all accompanied by highly regarded local musicians.  

In 2015 Lynda recorded “The Springbird” album... which encompassed her earthy tones and acoustic vibes,  drawing in the beginnings of what is fast becoming a natural flair for musical arrangements.  

More recently, she has written and recorded the haunting song “Tomorrow” which will be heard on the soon to be released album of collective local artists of Regional NSW -  “While the World Waits”.

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